Android & iOS.

Excellence in UX user experience and UI design.


Native / Hybrid Development

We are pioneers in the development of apps for iOS | Android.

In JBOS we work in the design and development of customized apps for companies as we seek excellence in the UX user experience and the UI design.

UX or user experience

We put ourselves in the app’s final recipient place because we want the user to understand the app’s structure at first sight. This could be our only chance to attract the user. From this point of view, when it comes to designing the app we think of what we want the user to do during the session. This needs to be done with great simplicity since the user does not notice the UX work but at the same time, there are no other needs. Everything is located where the intuitive user believes it is.

UI or user interface

Our efforts are headed to improve the interface view, adapting it to the user experience. The presentation of this look and feel should pay special attention to the mobile platform. In this case, the app design in a native development instead of a hybrid one has no competition. For this reason, our app design team works hand in hand with our developers to provide the user with an easy interaction with the device.

Advantages of working with JBOS

Our main objective is to achieve a product that grows in a controlled way and without any additional costs. For this reason, our development is based on using an extensive and scalable software architecture.

Our whole development is guided by the Agile methodology, which gives us a greater clarity, transparency and visibility of the product’s processes and timings.




Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Following a CI/CD strategy allows us to have extremely fast feedback cycles, which helps us detect problems at very early development stages and solve them in an agile and efficient way.

Apps Development | Library Development / SDK | Technical audit